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Project Description

Beyond the Frequencies: FM8 Soundbank

Expand your sonic palette with Beyond the Frequencies.

FM7 was an incredibly powerful synthesizer. Even though Native Instruments released their flagship FM synth over 10 years ago, now there is FM8: this synthesizer provides sound designers and composers a huge amount of inspiration with it’s vast routing and modulation options. It’s capable of producing an enormous range of sounds, but many users have barely scratched the surface of what this synth can really do…FM synthesis does not have to be complicated anymore!

If you are a composer or sound designer who is looking for really expressive and inspiring patches for FM8, then this release is for you. Every patch features extensive modulation assignments and/or morphing options, resulting in many variations of sound possibilities. Need some quick inspiration for an underscoring project? Beyond the Frequencies will help you create engaging drone beds in a matter of minutes.

To hear this soundbank in action, check out the audio demo tracks and the YouTube video below…

  • 35 Patches:
  • 20 Soundscapes
  • 10 Ambiances
  • 5 Special FX / Abstract Glitches & Playable Noise Instruments
  • Requires FM8 (v1.4 or higher) [patches are in NFM8 format]
  • Download size : 3MB
  • Bundled in a single convenient ZIP file for easy download
  • Catalog: GS-V1035

Lifetime License

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