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About Us

GENIUSOUND is made up of a small group of professional composers, sound designers, and performers. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are proud to deliver consistently high quality products to our clients, including:

  • Royalty-Free Production Music
  • Source Material for Sound Designers
  • ASMR Audio & Video
  • VST Soundbanks & Patches
  • Film / Game Music & Trailers
  • Comprehensive Engraving & Publishing Services
  • On-Site Songwriting & Composition Consulting

Our production music is ready-to-use ‘out of the box’ and suited for a wide variety of mediums – television, radio, short films, online media, corporate presentations, on-hold music, newscast music, sonic branding, trailers, and background music.

Behind the Sound

All of our products are professionally recorded, sampled, and mixed using high-end outboard equipment. We do not perform any pre-mastering or use severe processing on any of our products. We believe that doing so would burden our customers by limiting functionality and flexibility with static material. We always use as little processing as is truly necessary to provide professional ready-to-use products. This typically translates to us making broad stroke blending decisions, subtle glue compression, along with tasteful (conservative) subjective or surgical equalization for clarity and presence. We choose to employ conservative amounts of compression, volume leveling, and meticulous equalization adjustments because we aim to have all of our media translate appropriately at the highest quality: whether being played back on laptop and headphones, or an audiophile home theater. Simple put, you just won’t find heavy limiting anywhere at GENIUSOUND.

Since much of our music lends itself for use in television and film, we pay particular attention to the low-mid and mid-range frequencies (i.e. a full orchestral palette) in order to avoid any possible conflicts which may arise for those who use our products for dub and post-production. We strive to accomplish a perfect balance for those who are matching our music to dialogue as well as those who are using our music for background audio.

While we do not consider our work to be flashy or over-the-top, that is not to say our products lack energy, excitement, or vitality. We offer music that compliments your productions in such a way where it encourages your audience to really listen, to think, and to truly feel something about your project. That is what makes a media production in our books. Here at GENIUSOUND we take great pride in our work. Whether you want to add some music and sound effects to your podcast / radio drama to excite and engage your audience – or perhaps you are recording an audio book – or releasing a spoken word / poetry production and are considering the use of personalized background music to provide the finishing touches: we’ve got you covered.

Are You a Music Supervisor?

If you are a music supervisor or a sound editor then we know that your time is invaluable. You simply cannot afford to waste time auditioning track after track after track, all just to find the perfect sound for your project. Selecting music for movies, television, games, or web media can be a very challenging and demanding task – scratch that, it can be a downright emotionally exhausting task a lot of the time! Why make things more difficult than they have to be? Let us make the work easier for you.

You Deserve Your Own Theme Song

Admit it: you’ve always wanted your own theme song, haven’t you?

Sonic Branding is the use of sound to reinforce brand identity. Branding allows you to convey memorable messages to a targeted group of consumers and it takes full advantage of the powerful memory sense of hearing sounds. There are many opportunities for sound branding, not only for business, but also for personal projects. Consider:

  • Your loved one is getting married soon and you want to have memorable, personalized music for the celebration
  • You need a sound logo for your company to help you stand out
  • You are in the process of creating a family photo slideshow for a reunion or special event
  • You’re looking for a catchy effective jingle to advertise your company’s new product and establish your business beyond the existing customer base

At GENIUSOUND, we offer you the opportunity to create your own content just the way you want it. Don’t settle for using a popular gimmicky song or sound-alike song for your special production – let us impart a personalized touch for your memories:

You pick the instruments, style, and length – we deliver the music.

Please contact us for more information.

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