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Who We Are

GENIUSOUND delivers professional, high quality, and ready-to-use audio material for a wide variety of mediums including: television, games, radio, short films, aquarium / museum installations, audio dramas, online media, podcasts, sonic branding, trailers, corporate presentations, and background music.

Here at GENIUSOUND we do things a little different. What we offer is not your usual everyday “cookie-cutter” music. Rather, we have a particular fondness for experimental music, unusual underscoring techniques, abstract sound design, and subtle shifting musical patterns not dissimilar to the style of the late Morton Feldman.

Our products are designed especially for a certain niche market of professionals from music supervisors and editors to composers and sound designers. If you’re looking for some new fresh and engaging music or sounds, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you every step of the way.


Are you frustrated with having to sift through websites that offer hundreds or even thousands of tracks – and only after hours of searching, finally you might find just a handful of actual usable music selections?

GENIUSOUND only offers the highest quality production music, so you always know you’re getting professional and ready-to-use audio for your projects. All of our tracks are exclusive to GENIUSOUND and are hand-picked for quality with no user uploads.

Our production music is aimed at those who want to incorporate engaging and complimentary audio into their projects while at the same time standing out from the crowd. GENIUSOUND offers generous discounts on all media content for nonprofits or podcasts. Want custom mixes in 5.1 or custom arrangements? We’ve got you covered…contact us for more information!

Something For Everyone

This could be a memorable theme for your television or radio production, an advertisement for your company’s flagship product, or an effective jingle to further establish your business beyond the existing customer base! Click here to learn more about how we can help create the perfect branding for all of your needs!

The perfect compliment for a documentary or series, podcast, product demo, or an audio drama – add powerful and gripping music to all your projects!

Get your creative juices flowing! Use our inspiring patches and presets to take your synths to the next level and into a whole new dimension of sound!

Interested in having GENIUSOUND score your next trailer, short film, or feature length movie production? Click here to learn more to learn more about our film scoring!

Give your productions a little something extra with our sample libraries and instruments! Formats available include Kontakt and WAV / AIFF.

Our experienced publishers will transform your handwritten scores into beautiful notation using industry-standard computer notation software. We specialize in contemporary classical / concert music and can easily handle music of all styles, including: graphic / aleatoric scores, large-scale orchestral or choral works, and even concert bands or the wind symphony.

Calling all Max/MSP and Reaktor tweakers and sound designers! GENIUSOUND offers fresh sounds to mangle in your patches or soundscapes. Experimental composers and musicians are always welcome here! Help get the creative juices flowing and jump-start your next project with our unique source material!

Writer’s block? Don’t panic, we’ve got your back. Let us help you craft the next chart-topping song! Exclusive licenses are available!

New Soundsets / Patches:

New Production Music:

Soundrones Vol. 3 - Production Music

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We have a very fair licensing agreement and there are several different types of licenses available.
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